This is the page where I'll be adding samples of freelance works that I did for my clients. There will be a wide range of work samples, from graphic design all the way to 3D models.

Please drop me a line if you need any help with your project. And please remember, referrals are always greatly appreciated!

-NEW- WindStorm Press

Task: Graphic Design - Logo [2015]

The requirements for this logo is that it's in black & white only. It also need to have 2 versions: one with the full name to be used inside the book, and a second smaller version to be used outside on the spindle of the book. The author, J.P. McLean, wanted to incorporate a silhouette of a broken tree trunk outside of her home in the logo, and the smaller logo needs to read well due to the small size when applied on the spindle. This logo design was also a time and budget-limited project.

J.P. McLean - Author of The Gift LEGACY

Task: Graphic Design - Cover Art, Business Cards, Media Cover[2013 - 2015]

I initially designed the cover art for J.P. McLean's debut novel, The Gift: Awakening. She has then become a returning client of mine where I had the opportunities to design the cover art for the rest of The Gift Legacy series: Revelation, Redemption, and Penance. I also created for her a business card and a marketing media cover. 

Great North Paper Company

Type: Graphic Design - Logo, Business Card [2014]

GNP is a local Vancouver company that imports tissue products from Asia. I created a series of logo options for them to choose from.

At start, they didn't really know what they want, so I had to come up with different iterations before we decided on something that resembles a compass. While originally we wanted to use more of a green or blue colors for a cleaner and a sense of the products being "green" and recycleable, I suggested the use of red for more of a pop in color, and a color often associated with Asian culture.

nori logo

Nori Casual Japanese Restaurant

Type: Graphic Design - Business Card (2013)